Dreaming about socks? Here’s the meaning behind your dreams
It is natural to try to interpret our dreams and see how they can be relevant. Dream interpretation has been happening since the time of the Iliad and the Odyssey and we are still doing it today. So, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of interpretations for all kinds of things.

Clothing in general has always been an indicator for how our lives are shaping up or are relevant to the role we play in life when it comes to dreams. So, if you have been dreaming about socks then it is likely to be a dream about your (or someone else’s) characteristics and the way life is going for you.

The common meaning of sock dreams

The most popular meaning for dreams where socks are involved is to do with comfort and warmth. 
This could possibly be a literal meaning, but is most likely included in dreams as a metaphor. For instance, you could be dreaming of wearing warm socks, such as Heat Holders, indicating that you are happy with the direction your life is heading in. Alternatively, if you are wearing thin and uncomfortable socks then this could signify that you want a change in life.

Other meanings of sock dreams

There are many of ways of interpreting socks in your dreams,here are a few for you to consider below. These may fit your dream better than the suggestion above.

1. If there are white socks in your dream but they are dirty then this most likely signifies uncleanliness and messiness. Whether it’s you or someone else in your life is a mystery you will need to solve.

2. A single sock instead of a pair of socks in your dream could mean that you have just received some surprising news or that you’re going to receive some soon.

3. Cold feet in a dream could mean you are unhappy in a relationship and that a lack of socks signifying you are uncomfortable with your current situation. Smelly socks in our dreams can also mean the same thing.

4. The colour of your socks also has meaning. Red or black signifies arrogance whilst blue and white can mean modesty.

5. If you see holes in your socks then this represents negligence.

6. A change of socks or taking our socks off means that you are looking for a change of routine in your daily life.

We hope that these meanings will help you decipher those sock dreams that you could be happening. 
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Dreaming about socks? Here’s the meaning behind your dreams



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