Hiking socks vs Regular socks – Why hiking socks always win
When you set out on a long walk, whether it be around your town, in the country or even in the Lake District, you always take into account what the most suitable footwear will be. But a lot of people forget about their sock choice. The correct hiking socks could be the difference between an enjoyable hike or one plagued with blisters and discomfort. If you have worn regular socks on a long walk then you would have already discovered this mistake and that in the hiking socks vs regular socks face off, hiking socks always win.

However, picking a one size fits all hiking sock is not the answer either, you need to make sure that the socks you wear are tailored to the walk and the conditions on the day. When picking the suitable pair of hiking socks you will need to consider whether they regulate temperature, wick moisture, promote good circulation, shock absorbent, help prevent blisters and are durable.

At Sock Snob we offer many types of hiking socks that are great for all walks in life, whether it’s icy cold or scorching hot, for a walk around the corner or a trek up Ben Nevis. Here are the reasons why our socks are great whatever the weather.

Jeep Terrain

Luxury Jeep Terrain socks are perfect for those who are looking for a short walk and are suitable in any weather as they regulate the temperature due to their high cotton content. The high cotton content allows moisture to be absorbed away from the skin on a warm day, meaning it is more likely to prevent blisters. The cushioned heel and toe also absorbs shock and provides an all-round comfortable feel to the foot. Nevertheless, they are still rugged and tough and can withstand any terrain that is thrown at them.

Jeep Terrain are available in Men’s and Ladies sizes and colours andare also available in wool.

Heat Holders

Heat Holders, in general, embody the quintessential sock when you are looking for warm feet in any context. In a walking environment they are most suitable for those cold winter days and prioritize your feet’s warmth over everything else. They are not too tight so promote good circulation and their thick yarn gives your feet extra protection. There are also many different styles in the Heat Holders range with various benefits, such as the reinforced heel and toe sock (better for preventing blisters), extra-long and even a wool version if you are looking for even more warmth for your feet!

Heat Holders are also available in Men’s, Ladies and Kids sizes and colours and have so much to offer in their range.


Blueguard socks are originally designed for workman looking for a sock that does not wear out but we think they would be great for hiking as well. They are scientifically proven to last an incredible 46 times as long as a standard sports sock withstanding an incredible 925,000 continuous abrasion cycles, so if you are struggling to find a sock for durability then your search ends here. They are also very flexible, moisture absorbent and have a cushioned heel and toe. If you’re looking conquer the world by climbing Everest or Kilimanjaro then we would recommend that you do it with Blueguard

Blueguard are available in 4 sizes and come in black and blue, they also come with a lifetime guarantee so what’s too lose!

We hope you have learnt about hiking socks in our short synopsis and that you will test one of our socks for your next walk. Remember, when it comes to hiking socks vs regular socks then hiking socks will always come out on top,but think carefully about your walk and which socks will match the environment you are tackling.

Hiking socks vs Regular socks – Why hiking socks always win



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