Why IOMI oedema socks are the best socks for swollen legs and feet.
It can be a real struggle to find a suitable pair of socks if you suffer from swollen feet or legs. Oedema and Lymphedema are the most common causes, expanding the excess fluid within the spaces in the body’s tissue that causes the swelling around the body. This commonly happens in the feet, leading people to find a pair of socks that are soft but most importantly loose, so that they fit comfortably without digging in and further irritating the swollen feet.

We have spoken to Oedema sufferers in the past, who have told us that in the past they have tried cheaper ‘extra wide’ socks. But they didn’t work, just because a sock has a wide top doesn’t mean they will be suitable for all types of conditions that affect swollen feet. “Try an oedema sock then” you say? But even regular oedema socks won’t reach a circumference that is comfortable as the feet start to swell even more, some of them don’t even have a hand linked toe!

That’s why we highly recommend IOMI footnurse oedema socks. Yes, we agree that they have a comparatively high price to other oedema and loose top socks, but a small price to pay if it means a quiet life and comfortable feet. They gently stretch to the contours of your feet, ankles and legs without any constriction. As the maximum circumference in the leg is 76 centimetres, these socks will be able to handle the worst cases of oedema. They are rich in cotton and are designed on a specialized machine for an extra wide top. The socks are also produced with a hand-linked toe for smooth seams.

IOMI Oedema Range 

People who have purchased the socks beforehand have only had good words to say, here are some comments for you to consider:

Best socks ever.

“I have now purchased 3 pairs of these socks for my husband who has very swollen legs and feet due to illness, they are the best socks ever for him as there is no digging in and yet they stay up where they should be and they also wash well”

At last – a sock that fits

“Having tried, without success, many High Street soft-top brands for my elderly father's swollen legs,I came across these whilst searching the internet in desperation. What a brilliant success they have been. They stretch and fit snugly but without pinching, and by getting the size larger than he usually takes I was able to get them on without a struggle. They also wash well in the machine with no shrinkage. I trialled 2 pairs and then bought 8 more. They are very expensive but worth every penny.”

Fantastic and well worth the rather large price!

“I have bought 100s of pairs of socks for my 81yr old father who has very big oddly shaped feet and Parkinsons and even with a 'sox-on' helper finds it impossible to put on any socks. When he finally manages it he complains that they are too tight, or too thin etc! These socks are amazing and have brought him back a sense of independence! They are easy to put on (with his 'sox-on' ) and are very soft and comfortable. They do not shrink when washed!!! They are pretty expensive but in my opinion well worth the cost! Finally my father is happy!! - and I don't have to help squeeze on or off his smelly socks when I visit him daily!! Win win!!”

We feel that the comments above put it better than we ever could, these IOMI Oedema “bring back a sense of independence”. They do cost more but you can’t put a price on comfort and a sense of liberation.

So here your journey in search for socks for swollen feet and legs ends. In our opinion they are the best on the market and you can find them right here at Sock Snob.

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Why IOMI oedema socks are the best socks for swollen legs and feet.



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