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How Sock Snob was born…

Heat Holders - The Ultimate Thermal Sock.

Sock Snob - Smart. Creative. Socks.

Gentle Grip - Socks made for Comfort.

IOMI - The Ultimate Medical Footnurse.

Jeep - Hard-wearing socks for the Rugged.

FiveG - For the Bold and Daring.

Workforce - Helping you with the Job in hand.

Giovanni Cassini - Italian Style Socks.

Jennifer Anderton - Pretty Super Soft Ladies Socks.

Blueguard - The Anti-Abrasion Durability Sock.

Our Brands

Where we are today

2011 was the year of our humble beginnings, Lindsay Doughty, a housewife from Leicestershire at the time, was working in the spare bedroom of her house selling dresses online. Her husband, who worked in the textiles industry himself one night brought some samples of socks back home. Lindsay asked if she could take the samples to sell, a few weeks later samples turned into a few dozens, then into a couple boxes... and then some serious orders started coming in. That's when Lindsay couldn't carry on in the spare bedroom, the garage became the obvious choice but a few weeks later she outgrew that too.

After just a year, Lindsay was ina 1200 square foot unit selling socks around the UK online. The demand was certainly there, but the name and the purpose was still missing.

But Lindsay realized that all along she wasn't selling just ordinary socks, but smart creative socks for prices that everyone could afford. Oh yes, Lindsay knew from that moment that she was a 1st class Sock Snob... and she wasn't the only one. From then on we have got better and better at developing the range in our store to cater for all sock related requirements, perfecting the ordinary and exploring all possibilities.

Now we have moved on from our humble origins. We sell on Amazon and Ebay where we can expose our socks to a global audience, selling into Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and even Japan. We are at a stage where the socks in our store have perfected warmth, comfort and style. Our current project that we are very passionate aboutare medical socks, a range that we are looking to add to our shop all the time and a great example of our niche mentality, so that we can help all of our customers with their sock related needs.

And as you have probably noticed... we don't only sell socks now! Here you can also find a wide range of hats, gloves, bow ties, lingerie, hosiery, pajamas and much more.

We are proud to sell the brands that we sell because they are imaginative, creative and they won't let you down. Some of the brands we stock include.

IOMI medical sock range including diabetic, oedema and compression socks
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